Date Palm Engineering

The Experts in Database, Process Automation, & Educational Electronics Design.


Who We Are

We are a Portland, Oregon based engineering consulting firm that provides customized services to address specialized hardware, software, firmware, and project management needs to leading firms across the world.

We are experts in product development and management for Software, Hardware, and Firmware applications.

What We Do


We are experts in Database modeling, Custom App design, Process/Devops Automation, and Educational/Consumer Electronics Development.

We are experienced in developing for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, Software as a Service (SaS) systems, Process Automation, DevOps, and Educational/Consumer Electronics Engineering.

Who We Serve

We are experts in Database modeling, Custom App design, Process/Devops Automation, and Educational/Consumer Electronics Development.

Need help with a custom Database? Need to Automate a process? Need help developing educational electronics, and materials? That is exactly why we are here.

Agile At Heart

Agile development methodologies for interactive and early development in both hardware and software design.


Database Experts


Our team of Database and App Development experts give you the edge you need to get things done right, and on schedule.

Product Life Cycle Management


Prototyping experts with experience helping customers perfect their vision and product life cycle plans.

Project Management


Our strong Project Management, Devops, and Automation expertise is available to you and your team.

Our team has already done Database Modeling, Devops, and Hardware/Software engineering for Dell, GoPro, Rigado, Cypress, and more.

Joseph Dattilo

Joseph Dattilo

Chief Executive Officer & Lead Software/Firmware Engineer

Joseph is the CEO of Date Palm Media, and the head of the Date Palm Engineering Services division. He has over 20 years of Hardware/Software Engineering and Project Management experience.

Currently all projects are managed by Joseph, and you can expect to get valuable insight into your project plan by spending time going over the project in detail with him before it begins, and throughout the development process.

Luke Duzanica

Luke Duzanica

Lead Hardware Engineer & Firmware Engineer

Luke Duzanica is the Lead Hardware Engineer for Date Palm Engineering and has been developing high quality Educational and Consumer Electronic designs for over six years for our team and it’s clients.

Luke provides a strong background and insight in hardware and firmware design and manufacturing best practices, and will always make sure we have your best interests at heart.

John Dow

John Dow

Lead Android Developer & Software Developer

John is an experienced Java, Android, Django, and Python Developer. He plays a critical role in knocking out Database and automation development requirements, and is our Lead Android Developer.

Let his passion for clean testable code, and innovative solutions push your project to new heights!

Benjamin Whitney

Benjamin Whitney

Lead iOS Developer & Web Design Artist

Ben is an experienced web developer who can help with projects from a slight tweak of existing layout design to a full brand and image makeover, along with being our lead iOS developer.

In cases where specialty web design work and beautification Ben is at the ready!

Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark

Hardware & Firmware Engineer & Product Life Cycle Expert

Chris is an experienced Hardware & Firmware engineer who specializes in helping take your project from prototype to production phases, and will work to guide you in reducing your cost of goods and ensuring optimal quality as you move to the next phase of your project.

Having his insight early in your projects design phase is another awesome perk of working with our team.

Katherine Dattilo

Katherine Dattilo

Fine & Digital Artist

Katherine is the artist behind many professional book covers, logos, and product illustrations. In cases where inking or a splash of color are needed for your design to really pop, her skilled hand will create a unique masterpiece for your product needs.

With six years experience working on consumer product packaging, she is an invaluable resource for retail and merchant worthy goods development.